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when Gog comes against the land of Israel,” says the Lord God, “that My fury will show in My face.

 – Ezekiel 38:18b (NKJV)


In all of my life, I have never wanted to be more wrong. In fact, I wrote a much larger version of this book to try and prove that my understanding of the Last Days was wrong. But, to my utter horror, I could not.

This means that Ezekiel’s Fire is coming.

And, we aren’t ready.

For almost 50 years of Christian life, I knew that Jesus was the only way that anyone could be saved. He was, is, and always will be the eternal sacrifice that pays for all the sins of God’s people. All the way from Adam and Eve up to the very last person to be saved, Jesus paid for their sins on the Cross. All of them. Forever. No exceptions.

So I knew, deep down – at the core of my being – that Gog must come before the Antichrist rises. I knew it because the salvation of Israel had to happen before the Great Tribulation. And, this Return of Jacob could only happen after Gog was destroyed.

However, since my focus was on the Return of the Children of Jacob, I wasn’t thinking very much about Gog. I was looking forward to the glorious day of Israel’s restoration, and I still do. But, I had not been careful enough to lay out the evidence of the events that would occur before that moment.

Then, I discovered that stars like our own Sun, tend to lash out with superflares and micronovas. And, I realized that this was what Ezekiel, Zechariah and Isaiah were talking about, so I wrote Ezekiel’s Fire. But, that had more to do with WHAT this great catastrophe would be, and not about WHEN. So, after I finished Ezekiel’s Fire, I dove into the issue of timing.

I was horrified by our sun unleashing a solar even that would destroy our civilization, so I was hoping to prove that it would come during the time of the Antichrist – or afterwards. I did not succeed in doing that. In fact, I proved that it was even worse than I thought. So much so, that I now have to add more detail to my first book.

Ezekiel’s Fire is coming, and a billion people will die.

Not hundreds of millions.

A billion.

But, will you survive that moment?

I hope so. That’s the reason why I rewrote this book and changed its name. The first version – When Jacob Returns – was to prove to myself that my initial understanding was correct, and this second version – When Gog Comes – was a rewrite to prove to you that you need to prepare for the worst moment in human history since the Great Flood.

At heart, this book is pretty grim, but there is tremendous and glorious good as well. During this terrible moment in time, prophecy will be fulfilled, and people will become followers of Christ. The pain, suffering and death will be bad, but the wonderful revelation of God will be worth all of that. And, I want you to survive and thrive so that you can be there – to be blessed and to be a blessing to others.

Remember that we must not only prepare for ourselves, but for those around us. The Light of Christ will shine brightly during those dark days, but you need to start now to prepare for your role in it.

So, whether your goal is to avoid catastrophe or to glorify God and reflect the Light of Christ, you MUST read what I have discovered. And then, you must warn everyone that you know, that…

When Gog Comes…

…our way of life will die.


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Lord willing, this book has finally reached the prerelease stage. There are undoubtedly still some errors in this copy, but it seems to have reached the stage where the reasoning has been laid out properly. My mind was changed more than once over several issues that this book addresses, and I am still open to having analysis change yet again – if you can make that happen.

Yes, now is your chance to tear apart what I wrote, and prove me wrong. Any error in my reasoning that you find, will be a big help. Once this book goes to print, errors will be hard to fix.

As for grammar and spelling mistakes… well …I’ll try to catch all of those before going to print. Chasing all of those down is time-consuming, and time is not on our side.

AND YES, FREE: This book will always be available for download for free from at least one of my web servers. Some publishing platforms will require you to pay something, and printing a book costs money. So, you will need to pay something if you want a paper version or if you get this book from Amazon or some other distributor.

 – JL

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