Since you probably know that we are living in the Last Days…

Do you know what comes next?

Are you sure?

A lot of theories make confident claims that such-and-so could be just around the corner. But, the vast majority of these speculations have their foundation in notions that are two centuries old.

Are you willing to bet your life on an assumption, written down in 1811? 1840? The 1850s?

You owe it to yourself to test these theories and see if they are true. And, one of the most important places to start is with the more than 80 chapters in the Bible that talk about the return of the Children of Jacob to God. And, many of those chapters predict catastrophe for the nations of the world, when this great salvation occurs.

The question is…

…do we really know when the salvation of Israel happens?

Our theories won’t protect us when things fall apart. And, there is a massive cataclysm, described in the Bible, that will sweep the world. I describe that cataclysm in my book, Ezekiel’s Fire. That global catastrophe will happen at the time of Jacob’s Return, and you can read about that, here:

Ezekiel’s Fire

However, in that book, I neglected to carefully examine the Biblical clues about the timing of this event. This book fixes that oversight.

If I am right about the severity and deadliness of Ezekiel’s Fire, then the timing of this event should be of consuming interest to all of us. And, I originally made some very clear assumptions about that timing, in the first editions of that book.

How can I know that I was right?

Was I just another writer, spouting baseless theories?

We should be like the noble Jews of Berea (Acts 17:10-11), who searched the Bible to see if the words of Paul were true. This book represents my own attempt to be as noble as these Bereans.

Did I get this right?

I have done my very best to keep an open mind and place the clues in their proper place and order. Sometimes that means eliminating the impossible. At other times, knowing that which is merely probable.

The point is to find the undeniable truth of Jacob’s Return, and where it fits in the order of events of the Last Days. The truth is there, and it can be found, if we look carefully, with sincerity and integrity – and under the guidance of the Holy Spirit. Many of the theories of the 19th century have already been proven wrong.

Let’s see if we can prove what’s right.

If there really is an unimaginable catastrophe in our future, the truth of that catastrophe is important. As I keep repeating, our theories won’t protect us, if we get it wrong. Most important of all…

…discovering the truth will help us be ready to serve God in the dark days that come.

Nothing is more important than that.

So, join me as we comb through the passages that speak of the return of Jacob to God. I will analyze those that describe the specific moment in time in which that salvation comes and try to find out the truth.

When will Jacob return to God?

What will happen to those of us who ignore the warnings?


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This book is in rough draft form. it needs to be edited for grammar and spelling errors. There are undoubtedly some hidden errors in logic and reasoning, since the writing of this book was a journey of discovery. My mind was changed more than once over several issues that this book addresses, and there may be hidden corners within this book that did not get changed to reflect new understanding. It’s what happens when you write in a ‘stream of consciousness’.

However, while unpolished, this book is vitally important for your understanding of your place in the Last Days. Do not let bits of unpolished text get in the way of what you need to learn.

 – JL

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