John Little

John accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior at the ripe old age of… six. He went on to be passionate about his commitment to God, sometimes passionately wrong. Fortunately, the Lord demonstrated His great mercy and faithfulness by bringing him down to earth and turning him in the right direction. He now hopes to share some of the insights gleaned from time spent in the study of the Bible and having lived in Israel for 15 years, before moving to Taiwan where he now lives.

John also spent a lot of time as a professional writer, and his career started out almost three decades ago in the financial services industry, writing marketing communications for an investment company based in Jerusalem. After a couple years writing about price-to-earnings ratios and the Hang Seng index, he went on to write for a Texas-based computer company, in Tel Aviv. He’d almost burned out, writing technical documents for OS/390, when he found himself abruptly working for a San Francisco-based software company, in Jerusalem. (He picked up a phone on Thursday and found himself at the Embarcadero on Tuesday.) Then the dot-com bubble burst, and he was downsized to a small Colorado-based company, in Kfar Saba, followed by a tiny New York-based company in Givat Ram.

Then, in 2011, John saw something that made him realize that there was a lot of trouble ahead. Lots and lots – even parking lots. The result was the launch of a website called Omega Shock. It’s a weird name, but the Alpha and OMEGA is returning, and what comes before His return will be a very big SHOCK.

And an MBA? Oh yeah, he has one of those too. He keeps it in the closet somewhere.

John is married to the most beautiful woman on the planet, and he tells everyone that she’s the second-best thing that ever happened to him. This gives him a chance to talk about the first-best. Everyone who knows John Little, has lots of sympathy for Mrs. Little.

Right now, John lives in Taiwan. In the southern part. Below the Tropic of Cancer. It’s hot there.

John doesn’t live in Taiwan because his wife was born there. He thought that it might be a good place to serve God. And, it has, mostly because Mrs. Little is a natural at sharing the Gospel. Unfortunately for John, he doesn’t like authentic Chinese food, and he’s WAY too tall for such tiny people.

You can also find his writing here:

Now, if John can get back to writing in the first person, he’d appreciate it.