That was a truly difficult book to write, and I’m sure that it wasn’t all that fun to read. And, I would love to stop at the conclusion and move on. But, there are some issues that I addressed far too briefly in this book, and I think that some will appreciate a deeper discussion.

I’ve limited myself to just three subjects for this addendum, but I was tempted to throw in a whole lot more. But, I restrained myself with the knowledge that being concise is an important virtue. So, here I am, being virtuous.

Daniel’s 70th Week

I understand why so many interpret Daniel 9 in the way that they do. I get it. But, it’s still deeply incorrect. And, the reason why most Bible teachers get it wrong is due to an ignorance of Hebrew and the incompetence of whoever translated that chapter.

We really need to stop claiming that there is a 2000 year gap between week 69 and week 70 of Daniel’s prophecy about the coming of Messiah. Furthermore, there isn’t a single word in Daniel 9 that describes the Antichrist in any way.

And, I have proof.

Identifying Gog And Magog

Since we understand that Gog is NOT the Antichrist, we are better able to search for the true location of the Land of Magog. Unfortunately, we are immediately confronted with a huge problem.

The Land of Magog is GINORMOUS.

Yeah, it’s like really, really big. Remember that Magog was the son of Japheth, and that means he would have staked out a sizeable chunk of Eurasia for himself. And, Magog is just the beginning of our search.

There are a lot of Noah grandchildren in this military alliance formed by Gog, so maybe we should take a look at where they might be, right now.

The Rapture

My hope is that all of you will either be in the Resurrection or in the Rapture. And, they are pretty much the same event. The problem is that a lot of ideas that were cooked up two centuries ago are making it difficult to have a rational discussion about the timing of When Gog Comes.

What you believe about the timing of the Resurrection has nothing to do with your salvation, but I’ve seen far too many ignore what’s coming because of their views about it. So, let’s take a dive into this subject, to see if we can get a better view of when the Rapture happens.


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