By this point, you probably understand that the Return of Jacob to God is important. The Children of Jacob belong in the Land of Israel, and they are heirs according to the promise of God. And, God intends to bring these prodigal children back to Himself. And, more than 80 chapters in the Bible mention this future event.

Furthermore, what is important to God should be important to us. If God wants something to happen, we should want it also. The problem is that there are fearful events that will occur around the time of Israel’s redemption.

As much as I desire to see the time of Jacob’s redemption, I am deeply concerned about the safety of brothers and sisters that are in harm’s way. If you see what’s coming, you undoubtedly feel the same way. And, even though we probably have enough scriptural evidence to see that the salvation of Jacob happens before the Antichrist arrives, we owe it to ourselves to seek as much verification as possible, to make sure that we have this right.

We are all prone to error. All of us. Therefore we must be careful to submit ourselves to the actual words of God, and seek to understand them – no matter where that understanding leads us. For too long, we have allowed false teachers to impose their agenda upon us. It is time to get this right.

There are severe consequences for getting this wrong, and I want all of you to avoid those consequences. Unfortunately, some of us may not be able to avoid the terrible events that are coming. Foolish brethren have followed foolish ideas and are now caught by their foolishness. And, those of us who are dedicated to rescuing the foolish may suffer because of our devotion to our brethren.

So, let’s take some time to add to our knowledge of what is coming and what God intends. I would have loved to have discussed more than just these chapters, but citing them all would have made this book even more unwieldy than it already is. So, I have limited the rest of this discussion to the most prominent chapters that remain. For those of you who wish to look at the unmentioned references, check the appendix. There, you’ll find a a list of all the references to the salvation of Israel. If I missed any, please, please let me know.

All the References to the Salvation of Israel

By the way, some of those verses are about the Millennium, but I’ve included them anyway. If I have time, I’ll try and show which is which.

This section is divided between two sets of passages:

Salvation Chapters – Those just dealing with the salvation of Israel

War Passages – Those that include the conflict and calamity that surround that moment of salvation

The Salvation Chapters are important. They describe the nature of Jacob’s Return and emphasize the importance of this event. The Return of Jacob to God is not a ‘footnote’ in prophecy. The salvation of Israel isn’t an afterthought. And, those who don’t understand that, will suffer harm. So, please understand the following very, very carefully:

The Return of Jacob is at the center of The Last Days.

Never forget that. Never. Those who do will pay a heavy price in this world. And, those who preach against the centrality of Israel’s Return, will suffer an eternal price as well.

Unfortunately, Jacob’s salvation comes amidst catastrophe and calamity. Some of it will be man made. A lot of it will be God made. And, it should grieve us all that so many will suffer and die.

Unfortunately, we are very, very foolish. Our world has shaken her fist against God, and there is always a heavy price to pay for such horrible insanity. It is beyond my comprehension that anyone would rebel against a loving God, but it is clear that most people do. And, far too many of these rebels are called Christians.


There are a couple more things that I would like to put into this appendix that will add more depth to this issue. But, I need to think a bit about that, before making more additions to what is already here. You can have too much of a good thing.

So, here is what you will find in this section:

Daniel’s 70th Week

God is a Zionist!

Where the Antichrist Comes From

All the References to the Salvation of Israel

Long time readers of Omega Shock will already have read some of what you will see here. But, these will be good reminder and a reference for the future.

Daniel’s 70th Week

I understand why so many interpret Daniel 9 in the way that they do. I get it. But, it’s still wrong. And, the reason why it wrong is because people don’t know Hebrew and the people who translated Daniel 9 didn’t seem to know Hebrew very well, either.

The bottom line is that you cannot put a 2000 year gap between week 69 and week 70, while staying true to what the Bible actually says. And, I have proof.

God is a Zionist!

Can you have been reading this book and draw any other conclusion?

Of course not.

Unfortunately, some people need a more direct explanation. And, I lived in Israel for quite some time, and I know what Zionism really is. And, since I know who God is, I’m in a position to know that God is a Zionist!

The fact that this statement of fact makes heads explode is just icing on the cake.

Where the Antichrist Comes From

I find it strange that so many have so many theories about who might be the Antichrist, without looking at what the Bible says about the identity of the Antichrist. Every prominent figure in recent history has had someone claiming that he (or even she) is the Antichrist.

All of those theories have been wrong because the Bible says that the Man of Lawlessness must come from one of a specific set of countries.

All the References to the Salvation of Israel

I couldn’t reference every chapter that talks about when Jacob returns. There’s just too much. But, that shouldn’t keep you from doing your own research. Check those references and see if I missed anything. And, if you think that there are other references that need to be included, let me know.


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