I understand why centuries of Christians have not accepted this message of great destruction. It was hard to understand. It was painful to even contemplate. It painted a bleak future for people that we care about.

None of us want the Jews to suffer. None of us. We want the State of Israel to be blessed and prosper. We want all the blessings of God to be unambiguous and without pain and suffering.

My life has been dedicated to the blessing and salvation of the Jewish people. And, it’s why this conclusion is so painful. Millions of Jews are going to die, and I wish that there was some way that this could be avoided. But, it is the decree of God, so it must happen. But, it’s more than that.

I Don’t Want You To Die

YOU are in terrible danger. At some point in a near and awful future, a man will rise and gather a great army. He will invade Israel, and God will destroy that invasion with a micronova that I call Ezekiel’s Fire. Electricity around the world will fail. Water will stop flowing through pipes and faucets. A global earthquake will destroy our cities. Food production will fail. Many who survive the earthquake will die of thirst, starvation and violence.

It will be the worst disaster since the Great Flood, and I don’t want you to die.

Unfortunately, your pastors and Bible teachers are unaware of the danger that we are all in. And, they are unaware because they don’t know that:

  • Gog is NOT the Antichrist.
  • Israel MUST be saved years – even decades – before the Antichrist rises to power.
  • Gog and Magog MUST come before the Antichrist begins to rise to power.
  • Jacob’s Trouble is NOT the Great Tribulation.
  • Egypt and Syria must suffer great catastrophe BEFORE the Great Tribulation.
  • All the cities of Israel MUST be destroyed and Jerusalem rebuilt, before the Antichrist rises to power.

I understand why the average Christian does not want to believe this. I certainly do not want to, myself. But, your pastors and teachers had a duty to proclaim the truth to you, even if it wasn’t popular. And, they failed in their duty.

Great disaster is coming, and few of us are ready, because those responsible to tell us the truth, refused to do so – or were ignorant of what the truth is. And yes, I know pastors who will only admit in private that what I say is the truth. Their paycheck is too important to them.

The excuses that they have made to me, is that most of their congregation would leave, if they spoke from the pulpit, what we talk about in private. One pastor had me preach on a Sunday night, so that he could have ‘plausible deniability’. And, this pastor was prominent in the Southern Baptist Convention.

Those pastors who are truly ignorant will suffer less condemnation, but the time for such blindness is over. It’s time for them – for all of us – to embrace the truth, no matter how painful it might be. It is time for all of us to prepare for the worst moment in time since the Great Flood.

Yes, the Great Tribulation will be worse, but we need to get through THIS, first.

What You Must Do

I am no expert in preparation, so I’m not sure that you can trust what I say. But, there are a few things that you MUST do, when Gog comes against Israel:

  • Stay out of tall buildings
  • Get out of big cities
  • Be close to drinkable water
  • Be able to exist without electricity
  • Have neighbors that you can trust with your life
  • Stock up on what other people will need, so that you can help them through this terrible time.

We don’t stop being followers of Christ, when disaster strikes. In fact, it will be even MORE important to be loving, kind and generous during terrible times. And, the time to start preparing for such Christian generosity begins now.

For those of you, like me, who have dedicated much of their lives to Israel and the Jewish people, go to Jerusalem and warn Israel about what is coming. If I’m still alive when the time comes, and if the Lord allows, I’ll be there with you.

The Last Great Chance To Share The Gospel

Those of us who survive what is coming will have a tremendous opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to a world that will have seen for themselves that the Bible is true, that God is real. It will be the chance to share the way of salvation in a manner that has not been seen in almost two thousand years. It will be an amazing moment in time.

But, sharing the Gospel is kinda’ hard, if you’re dead.


NOTE: If you cheated and read this before reading the rest of the book, go back to the beginning and read everything that you missed. You owe it to yourself to see all the evidence laid out properly – assuming that I’ve done that.




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