As much as I wanted to be wrong, we have now proven what can no longer be denied:

  • Gog is NOT the Antichrist
  • The army of Gog and the army of the Antichrist are completely different
  • Gog and Magog must come years BEFORE the Antichrist rises
  • Jacob’s Trouble is NOT the Great Tribulation.
  • The Return of Jacob might even happen decades before the Antichrist

The evidence is conclusive and inarguable, and I devoutly wish that we could ignore those irrefutable points. But, we cannot because When Gog Comes, this also happens:

  • The greatest global earthquake since the Great Flood
  • Cities around the world will be destroyed
  • Tall buildings will fall
  • Electricity, running water and food distribution will stop
  • Electronics will cease to work
  • Governments will cease to function
  • Violence will consume lives as survivors fight over food, water and vital resources
  • Two thirds of all who are in the Land of Israel will die

If that sounds like Apocalypse, you’d be right. It is so similar to the opening of the Sixth Seal of Revelation 6, that it’s impossible to not see that they are the same. It’s so obvious that it must be our default position. So, we must state clearly that this will be true:

The Sixth Seal will be opened

The Great Opportunity

However, this provides all of us with an opportunity to serve God in the midst of great disaster. Christians have always shined brightest in the midst of terrible tragedy. Those of us who can feed the starving, comfort the wounded and bring peace to a world torn apart will show everyone what following Christ really means.

It will be the greatest opportunity to share the gospel in almost two thousand years. We’ll be able to warn people of what’s coming, and then provide for their needs afterwards. We’ll be able to show love and mercy for those who need it most, and they will see without any doubt whatsoever, that God is true. Most of all, they’ll be able to see that the Son of God came and died to save them from their sins and give them eternal life.

A billion people will probably die in the cataclysm that’s coming, but…

…a billion people also might accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

I literally cannot think of a better reason for this catastrophe than that. We know that two thirds of those in Israel will die, but the third that survives will follow Christ and have eternal life. So, there is hope that something similar will happen in the rest of the world.

The Final Warning

Unfortunately, there will always be those who reject God, even though they are given direct evidence that He exists and is exactly who the Bible describes. For them, this will be the final warning. Revelation 6 shows us that they will see and understand that warning. They will know who God is…

…but, they will reject Him.

When the rest of Revelation and the other prophecies about the Last Days take place exactly as described, the world will not be able to claim that they were not warned. They will know, for one last time, that God is true, even though they are determined to reject Him.

Our Final Warning

The question is whether our brothers and sisters will wake up in time to prepare for what is coming. As I write this in 2021, it appears to me that the Third Seal has been opened and the Black Horse rides around the world. I can hear the beat of his hooves in the decline of energy reserves that is already causing food prices to rise. Yes, COVID played a role, but the decline in oil over the coming years will mean famine for many and misery for everyone else. It will be very, very bad.

The only question in my mind is when Christians will wake up to the great disaster that is rolling down upon us. The prophets have warned us repeatedly, but we have not been able to understand. But now, when events should be most clear, our pastors and teachers are unable to see what is happening.

Their ears are clogged.

Their minds are closed.

Their hearts are cold.

But, their failings should not keep us from embracing the truth that we see and prepare to serve God in the difficult days that are coming. And, there are things that we can do to survive and thrive during this ordeal.

What You Must Do

However, I am no expert in preparation, so I’m not sure that you can trust what I say. But, there are a few observations that make sense, for that moment when Gog comes against Israel:

  • Stay out of tall buildings
  • Get out of big cities
  • Be close to drinkable water
  • Be able to exist without electricity
  • Have neighbors that you can trust with your life
  • Stock up on what other people will need, so that you can help them through this terrible time.

We don’t stop being followers of Christ, when disaster strikes. In fact, it will be even MORE important to be loving, kind and generous during terrible times. And, the time to start preparing for such Christian generosity begins now.

For those of you, like me, who have dedicated much of their lives to Israel and the Jewish people, go to Jerusalem and warn Israel about what is coming. If I’m still alive when the time comes, and if the Lord allows, I’ll be there with you.

The Last Great Chance To Share The Gospel

Those of us who survive what is coming will have a tremendous opportunity to proclaim the Gospel to a world that will have seen for themselves that the Bible is true, that God is real. It will be the chance to share the way of salvation in a manner that has not been seen in almost two thousand years. It will be an amazing moment in time.

But, sharing the Gospel is kinda’ hard, if you’re dead.


NOTE: If you cheated and read this before reading the rest of the book, go back to the beginning and read everything that you missed. You owe it to yourself to see all the evidence laid out properly – assuming that I’ve done that.



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