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The Core Chapters have given us almost everything that we need to know, to decide that Gog is not the Antichrist, and that he and his army come down years before the Antichrist arrives. But, there’s more to this than just an invasion of Israel.

The Destruction OF Damascus – Isaiah 17

Isaiah 17 speaks about Damascus being destroyed, but also never being rebuilt. The water that made the capital of Syria the perfect location for a strategic city, will be taken away – and the reason will be the great earthquake that knocks everything down. This will be the same earthquake that kills most of the people in the land of Israel.

The Drying Of The Nile And The Fall Of Egypt – Isaiah 19

As I write this, the prophecy about Egypt’s fall is being fulfilled, right now. Isaiah 19 says that the rivers that feed the Nile will be ‘turned away’, and that is happening. The Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam sits on the Blue Nile and is being filled far too quickly. The hardship of the average Egyptian will turn into civil war, and the already shaky government will fall. This will mean the suffering and death of many Egyptians.

The result will be good, but the process will be terrible. God will call Egypt ‘my people’, but getting through to that moment will be hard. As a result, we will see a political entity rise that will encompass Egypt, Israel and something both old and new – Assyria.

This confederation will be the one that the Antichrist seeks to destroy. The ‘King of the South’ referred to in Daniel 11, sounds a lot like the result of Isaiah 19.

Jacob’s Trouble And The Great Earthquake – Jeremiah 30 and 31

For two hundred years, Bible commentaries have proclaimed that Jacob’s Trouble – Jeremiah 30 – is the coming of the Antichrist. Their reasons for saying that are completely understandable, but wrong.

The Strongholds And Cities Thrown Down – Micah 5

Micah 5 speaks of all the cities and strongholds thrown down. The chariots and horses will be destroyed. And, vengeance and anger will be executed upon the nations. And all of this will happen during the time of Israel’s restoration.

Micah 5 proclaims the coming of our Messiah, while also saying that He would wait to save His people. We now understand what Micah had written, but it had to have been perplexing to those living before Jesus came.

Micah goes on to describe events that are exactly like what we saw with the coming of Gog and Magog. Chapter five talks about the destruction of Israel’s military power and the fall of ‘strongholds’ – just like Isaiah’s reference to the fall of towers. And then, God exacts vengeance upon the world.

All of that conforms exactly to Ezekiel’s Fire. A billion will die, and I hope that you are not one of them.

The Seven Seals Of Revelation

Everything that we’ve talked about sounds exactly like the events that occur after Seal Six is opened in heaven. But, there are other seals to look at. And, I’m afraid that it looks like Seal Three has already been opened, or is about to be. I very much want to be wrong about this, but I all the other explanations are worse.

If the Black Horse of the Apocalypse is worse than what we are starting to see – as I write this – then I don’t have the words to describe how bad Seal Three will be. And, what I see coming is beyond comprehension. It will be the destruction of our way of life, and it started years ago.



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