Salvation Chapters

Here is where we delve into those supporting passages that discuss the nature and character of the salvation of the Children of Jacob. My hope is that you will see how merciful and forgiving God is. If God can forgive such a foolish and rebellious people, then God can surely forgive us for our own sinfulness – if we humble ourselves and turn back to Him.

Never make the mistake of thinking that the Children of Jacob are somehow less than ourselves. I’ve seen far too many claim that they would never sin against God the way that Israel did, and only an arrogant fool would say that. And, it grieves me to see so many arrogant fools preaching in our churches.

Because we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit, we have so much more than Israel ever had, yet we persist in rebelling against God. We distort His words. We commit abominable fornication. We lie, cheat and steal. We ignore the suffering of brothers and sisters, and we take advantage of the weak. If you think that all of that – and more – isn’t happening in our churches, you are lucky to be in a church that doesn’t do these things.

Remember that judgment comes first to the House of the God (1 Peter 4:17). And, I believe that a lot that is happening right now is because of the sin within the Body of Christ. We have sinned greatly, so we will suffer greatly. Only when God has finished this time of judgment upon His own people, only then will He turn to judge the world.

Our seminaries have destroyed us. When the time comes for us to pay for our corruption, we should be careful to remember that our suffering is just.

But, that’s for us. Our goal right now is to look at God’s hand of salvation towards the children of Jacob.

Isaiah 11-14

Jeremiah 23

Amos 9

Zechariah 1-11

New Testament

Those chapters and references look at the salvation of Israel, without the distractions of the great catastrophes that will come at the same time. And, I think that it’s valuable to look at such passages without having to worry about what we will go through as a result.

Yes, our situation will be dire, but we still should rejoice at this great work of God.


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